Welcome to the worlds first smart vending platform, made up of two core components; Mothership & FieldCommand.


A cloud based management platform built for managing smart vending machines and creating interactive public facing interfaces to be displayed on the fleet. Through Mothership you can instantly deploy simple to build HTML & JS based apps over the air with almost no learning curve, its just drag and drop.


FieldCommand runs behind the app you have built and is accessed via a secret combination of actions. It's primarily used for setting up SMS notifications, configuring the machines planogram, and general configuration settings. In the event of a mishap (such as a jammed item) an onboard diagnostics system automatically starts up and guides you through an intelligently curated troubleshooter that can quickly fix any problem.

vendOS is an ongoing project by Social Vend, it's currently only available on the Social Vend vendMax and vendMax+. We are planning on releasing a public FieldCommand OS image in mid-2020, however if you would like to jump on board before then please get in touch with [email protected]